My Brother's Road

Table of Contents


PROLOGUE: Funeral, 1993


PART ONE: Choosing Ancestors

CHAPTER 1: Small Town Kid

CHAPTER 2: A Riddle

CHAPTER 3: Stories of Forebears

PART TWO: Departures

CHAPTER 4: The Open Road

CHAPTER 5: Pilgrimage

CHAPTER 6: Time of Turmoil

PART THREE: The Secret Army

CHAPTER 7: Underground

CHAPTER 8: Terrorist Suspect

CHAPTER 9: Martyrdom

PART FOUR: Everywhere Walls

CHAPTER 10: Good-Doer

CHAPTER 11: Serving Time

CHAPTER 12: Wandering through Ruins

PART FIVE: Armenia at Last

CHAPTER 13: Bitter Bread

CHAPTER 14: “Call Me Avo”

CHATPER 15: Discipline Problems

PART SIX: Other Mountains

CHAPTER 16: A Proper Army

CHAPTER 17: Come in, Zero-Zero

CHAPTER 18: Leave Like Water

EPILOGUE: The View from Yeraplur







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